$742.50 including GST

A Rating Survey and Membership of the Corporate Social Responsibity Association of Australia includes:

– Access to a 415 question rating survey, that generates a CSR value.

– Access to the questionnaire guide that provides guidance for successful completion of the survey.

– A CSRAA rating and its inclusion on the csr.org.au site.

– The use of the trademarked CSRAA logo.

– An article branded with your logo.

– A corporate video, length of 3 minutes branded with a logo.

– A CSRAA rating and membership certificate.

– A survey performance review with feedback.

– An individual survey link will be emailed, post payment.


CSRAA certification rates your CSR. All parameters are examined and a rating between 1 and 5 is calculated. A membership of the association is included. The awarded rating and the name is listed on the csr.org.au website.

The award serves as a validation for the 77% of discerning customers who require an ethical value and the rating also provides for the 67% of staff seeking endorsement of their employment choices.

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